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Dr. Michael Ruscio

Dr. Ruscio is a functional medicine doctor located in Walnut Creek, CA. He has a special interest in digestive and thyroid disorders. He believes that good health begins in the gut and is very knowledgeable in the gut microbiome. Be sure to visit his website and I highly recommend his podcast.


The Low FODMAP diet was developed by researchers at Monash University. They believe that a Low FODMAP diet improves the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Some doctors believe it can also help people with SIBO. Many functional medicine doctors use this diet for patients that they believe will benefit from it.

SIBO - Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth

Dr. Allison Siebecker created this website so that she can share news and information about SIBO. She has a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and her Masters in Oriental Medicine. She has specialized in the treatment of SIBO since 2010.

The Healthy Gut

A website all about gut health, SIBO in particular. There are cookbooks that you can purchase and I recommend the podcast.

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